WP2: Involving the key stakeholders of the innovation procurement chain

WP2-leader: ARCA

The preliminary strategy developed by WP1 will be the starting point for thematic Working Groups composed of WaterPiPP networks representatives. The aim is to involve local governments (ICLEI), public operators (APE), Regions (ERRIN), the Water Industry (WssTP), water river basin organisation (INBO) to review the draft strategy, and formulate recommendations on IOPP/PCP/PPI implementation within their individual contexts. These recommendations will be then processed through a cross thematic analysis during a consensus workshop; the workshop objective will be to provide joint recommendations for procurers in the water sector. At this occasion, a Water Innovation Procurement Forum (WIPF) will be launched to gather the key players of the innovation procurement chain; the WIPF will start with the working groups’ members and key stakeholders identified via the Liaison Committee, and it will be progressively widen to other actors. During this WP2 a strong link will be established with the EIP Water, and the related initiatives.


D2.1 Working groups recommendations (CO)

D2.2 Consensus workshop report

D2.3 WIP strategy and operating rules

D2.5 Policy recommendations to the EIP