WP4: Collaborative pilot procurement preparation phase

WP4-leader: TEHA

This is one of the most challenging and promising WP as it aims at testing IOPP/PCP in the water sector. The recommendations delivered by the procurers from the different levels of the innovation chain involved in the WIPF will guide the pilot tests. At least 5 pilot tests will be implemented by procurers. Some of them are WaterPIPP partners (Lombardy and Puglia Region, City of Rotterdam), some are already identified in the liaison committee (Aragon and Helsinki regions). In addition, a call of manifestation will be launched through the WIPF at M16 to identify at least two more procurers willing to participate. These pilot tests will be coordinated to allow they progress at similar rhythm but more important they access all the material developed by WaterPiPP. Specific support will also be provided via accompanying measures consisting in coaching and training. In the end, a feedbacks analysis will highlight the lesson learnt in terms of what went well and what needed to be adapted.