WP5: Communication and Dissemination

WP5-leader: ICLEI

Based on its related strategy, WaterPiPP dissemination will target all actors that could have an interest in IOPP/PCP/PPI such as public bodies of all nature, research funders, researchers, Triple-Helix Cluster, water industry and particularly SMEs, policy-makers, etc. with the aim to attract more and more participants in the Forum. Dissemination will rely on WaterPiPP documents such as the newsletter, innovation briefs, e-learning modules and be widespread via partners networks, through WaterPiPP website and during events and webinars. At the end of the project, a final conference will be organised to present WaterPiPP state of art on IOPP/PCP and open up to its vision to maintain the WIPF; a policy-brief will be issued to target the decision makers in EU, and introduce the results and the WIPF.


D5.1 Dissemination strategy (CO)

D5.2 Dissemination kit

D5.3 Project website

D5.4 Final conference proceedings